Keeping Wood Garage Door Rot From Happening

Keeping Wood Garage Door Rot From Happening

You can stop wood garage door rot from being a problem if you follow these steps.

If you have a wood garage door protecting your garage, one of the main concerns you’ll have with it is the possibility of rotting. Wood rot is a serious problem, compromising your door’s structural integrity, and it can spread rapidly if left unaddressed. Fortunately, you can stop wood garage door rot from being a problem if you follow these steps.

Get a Lip Added

There are usually special kinds of wood that get used along the bottom of fences and other types of constructions to ensure that wood won’t rot when it touches the ground. This type of wood is referred to as pressure treated ground contact wood. This wood will have a greater preservative per cubic foot than other kinds of pressure treated wood. Garage doors will not often be equipped with this wood close to the ground, but a professional garage door company can help you get a half-inch lip installed along your door’s edge. The lip you get can help your wood stay protected against moisture.

Fill in Your Cracks

It’s highly recommended that you apply either a sealer, varnish, or stain to your garage door’s surface. This will limit the amount of water and weather damage your wood garage door sustains. Using these materials, you’ll get a protective barrier formed around your door’s surface, and some of the materials will seep into your door a little bit. The big problem is that the middle of your door will still be vulnerable, meaning water can get into the wood if you have a crack in your door.

To stop rotting from happening, you need to fill cracks whenever you see them. A hair drier should be used to dry out the damaged spots on your garage door before you buy a crack filler substance. If those spots don’t dry out, or you notice the wood is flaking more easily,  it means that wood rotting has already managed to set in. You’ll have to use rotted wood stabilizer to get those spots sealed and hardened.

After the stabilizer gets applied, or the cracks otherwise dry out, you’ll need to get a wood filler. There are stainable options if you want to put a stain on top of the filler, or you can go with a tinted product to complement the wood on your garage door. If you don’t feel comfortable performing the application yourself, you can always turn to a professional garage door company to take care of everything on your behalf. This way, you’re guaranteed to have the installation done right the first time.

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