Why Your Garage Door is Noisy

Why Your Garage Door is Noisy

To help diagnose your garage door here is why it might be a little noisy.

Garages are designed to make sure your vehicles remain safe. What they aren’t meant to do is notify neighbors when you arrive home or leave the house. Unfortunately, this can happen at times when your garage door gets too noisy.

It’s easy to tell when your door is getting loud, but diagnosing the cause is easier said than done. To help diagnose your garage door here is why it might be a little noisy.

Common Reasons

If you have a door that operates by using tracks and rollers, problems can arise from even the smallest pieces of debris. As an example, if you have a tiny gravel piece get stuck between your track and roller, your entire door can be negatively affected, and you will hear an unpleasant scraping noise.

The main reason you’ll have a noisy garage door is because of your rollers. If you don’t have a based lubricant, your rollers won’t move as smoothly as they should, causing them to be dragged along the track. This results in a lot of scraping and unpleasant noise. If your rollers get damaged, you will likely have to replace them.

Sometimes, however, rollers are not the culprit behind your noisy door. Other times, your torsion springs might be worn out. If you have a spring mattress, you likely know how much springs squeak, but if the squeaking is unusually loud, it means that your springs are weakened. You should get professional help dealing with weakened springs if you have them.

There are still other reasons your garage door could make noise. Perhaps your mounting brackets or bottom brackets are damaged. If either of these is true, your door’s alignment can be impacted, resulting in additional stress for your system. This will cause wheezing or grinding sounds to come out of your garage door.

Possible Solutions for a Noisy Garage Door

Depending on the problem your door is facing, there are a few different solutions you could try. You could try tightening the bolts and nuts on your door. If your rollers are not in the best shape, it might be best to get them replaced. You can also inspect your hinges and see if they could use replacing as well. If you aren’t sure of exactly what you should do, it doesn’t hurt to contact a professional garage door repair company.

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